DIY Series - 2003-2007

The body of work entitled "DIY" is a continuation of my investigation into the dualities of living on the margins between the real and the virtual.  D.I.Y., or "do it yourself", refers to a hands-on approach to getting things done.  It prescribes a cause and effect that is usually within the physical and intellectual space of the doer.  It has a set of instructions that promise to lead the doer to success.
In these works, through manipulations of time and of physical and psychological space the connection from cause to effect are not as straightforward.  In the extreme case, cause is the effect.  Representations of the index finger are rendered and situated in mixed contexts using video, installation and sculpture. The ironies of the finger as both our most tactile interface to the physical world of touch and as passive switch to the virtual world are explored.  Here it becomes iconic signifier occasionally taking on the role of trickster, playing with our perception or exhibiting its limitations.



diy no 8

diy no 8 - A

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DIY no.8
epoxy, electronics (fingers actual size), 2007



diy no 5
diy no 6
Diy no. 5

Diy no. 6

DIY no. 5, DIY no. 6
epoxy,LEDs,wood 4" x 4" x 1.5",

illuminated "icons"



diy no 4
diy no 4 detail
Diy no. 4 @ Lebel Gallery 2004


DIY no. 4
polyester resin,LCD monitor mounted on sheet metal, video loop with sound, 2004

A transparent fingertip touches a small screen that acts as both a hole to the video image below and as a button to trigger an action. Video image passes through the fingertip but the fingertip does not pass through the hole.

Exhibition History>
2007 Eastern Front (Toronto ON)
2005 Installations - Media City International Festival of Experimental Film & Video Art (Windsor ON)



diy no 3
diy no 3 detail

DIY no. 3
epoxy,LEDs,electronics - fingers actual size, 2004

Light sequence that simulates the action of a finger going in up/down motion.



diy No.2

DIY no.2
single-channel video, silent. 30 sec. loop, 2003

A video approximation of the "floating finger" illusion *.

* A visual illusion that is seen when the forefingers of each hand are held horizontally about 30 centimetres in front of the eyes, with the fingertips touching and the gaze focused on a point in the distance, and the fingertips are then drawn apart about one centimetre. A disembodied finger, with two tips, appears floating in mid-air, and it can be lengthened or shortened by varying the distance between the fingertips. The illusion was discovered in 1928 and described in the journal Psychological Review by the US psychologist Winford Lee Sharp (18901975).

Exhibition History>
2008 Windsor Visual Fringe Festival (Windsor ON)
2006 Common Ground Gallery (Windsor ON)